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Kia Ora

Live Work & Enjoy life NZ

New Zealanders live in the fourth safest country in the world.  Ahead of Switzerland in fifth and Australia in ninth.

Political and social stability, relative race harmony and decent society and compared to other countries, this country is incredibly safe.

This is a remarkable uncorrupted, honest and decent society.  If you ever get sick or are in a car accident you won’t be asked to provide a credit card before you get treatment.  That also helps build a stable society.

So why wait and think.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says it all “I M POSSIBLE”.

Act now and contact - Fortune Manning Lawyers and we will be happy to help you get a visa that suits you.

We can determine an applicant’s eligibility under the various categories:

Family Migration

Partnership, work and Residence visas

Dependent Child Policy



Civil Union

Work Visas

Skilled Migrant Category

Study to Work Visa

Minister of Religion/Missionaries

Work to Residence

Other Residence Visa

Samoan Quota Scheme



Business Category

Residence of Victims of Domestic Violence

Other service

Appeal to Branch Manager

Ministerial Appeal

Appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal


Variation of Travel Conditions

Permanent residence Visa

Visitor Visa – On-shore and Off-Shore

Has your visa expired and you are scared that you might get arrested and deported to your country?  Then we can help you validate your visa or we can request you a new visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009.


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Sandhya Lata
Immigration Consultant
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