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Employment Law


Legal Publisher Thomson Reuters has asked Fortune Manning's Employment Law Team to write case summaries for one of their publications.  Read more link dark


Employment Law Changes from 1 April 2016
What you need to know

Health and Safety at Work Act
The new Act reforms New Zealand's Health and Safety system

Lessons for Boards about Legal Professional Privilege
Employment Court clarifies when a board may expect its members communications to be privileged in legal proceedings

Court of Appeal Confirms Employment Court’s Pay Equity Decision
Terranova Homes & Care Ltd v Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota Inc [2014] NZCA 516

How far does a free education go?
Review of the recent Ombudsman's Opinion "Complaint about the decision of a Board of Trustees to compulsorily charge for curriculum related items (March 2014) 329013". Guidance for BOTs.

Points of Note for Boards of Trustees after Green Bay Judicial Review
The High Court overturned a school’s decision to exclude a student with Asperger’s Syndrome after an altercation with a teacher.  The decision puts the focus on proper process and taking all the facts into account in making suspension and exclusion decisions.

Changing Dangerous Work Practices - Grounds for Dismissal?
How far can employees go when they disagree with their employer on a health and safety issue?

Misleading or Misunderstanding?
When can an employer terminate an employee for incorrect information given in the recruitment process?

Restraints of trade - protecting your business
Can you protect your business from poaching of your clients by exiting employees?

How not to employ a nanny from start to finish
Employment 101 - put your agreement in writing

Poor Performance and Misconduct
Addressing poor performance and misconduct in small businesses

We also produce an Employers' Guide series. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our employment team if you require any further information.

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